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Auto Enrolled Services

I hate auto enrolled services, and had bad experience with CVS.

I use CVS for most of my prescriptions, and refill them when I needed. Recently, I had trouble to get my prescription when I visited CVS. I was told or asked

  • which one?
  • insurance would not allow it …
  • your prescription is not ready.

I was puzzled since I entered my refill request the day before. After a short conversation, I learned that CVS auto refilled my prescription. However, when I did not pick up, they put the drug back without clear their database. So, CVS showed that the prescription been already refilled and insurance would not allow another refill in the same period.

The auto enrolled services create following problems: a) it floods the system with unnecessary service requests; b) it develops awkward customer experience. Fortunately, the clerk found the problem and manually fixed CVS database entries. I also noticed that another clerk was putting some neglected prescriptions back while I was waiting. Yet, I’m not sure how widespread the symptom could be with regard the auto refilled prescriptions.

Please let customer schedule a pick up, not pick up an auto schedule for them.

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