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Don’t Complain If You Have Fingers

After watching following video that a girl played piano without fingers, I promise myself that I’ll never complain again.

She was born twenty years ago without fingers in her right hand, and she faced many discriminative looks when she grew up. Once, she fight with a boy when he laughed at her right hand. But, she never complained again after she learned a story that her father resisted calls to abandon her when she was young.

She did not know piano until she attended a vocational school to become a kindergarten teacher four years ago, and amazed to hear incredible music coming from the big black instrument. Afterward, she devoted herself to learn how to play piano. She rode her bicycle for forty minutes to practice everyday. She never complained when her hand sour.

Last year, millions people watched her fascinating piano performance when she competed in a talent search. No one paid attention to the fact that she don’t have fingers in her right hand until music stop. She stand tall and touched heart of audience. She inspired me and invoked awe over billion people. No one should complain but accept life challenge.

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