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Valentine – Chickened In or Chickened Out

Valentines GiftsI chickened out. I was in middle school and I wanted to ask a nice girl out. We talked some mutual interests in and out of classes, like what movie she like and what book she read. Yet, we never touched the sensitive topic — date.

I chickened out when it’s the time to ask. My heart beat was travelling like in a vaccum and I could not speak. At the time, we did not have telephone for each family. The only way to ask is to approach her in person. I went to the building where she lived. However, I could not lift my feet to climb stairs.

Hopelessly, I left a hand made gift box at her door with an affectionate note, and waited in the shadow of a big tree. I chikened out while only fancy she would read the note and come out to meet me. Unfortunately, it never happened. Her little brother brushed the box into shoe racks.

That’s a vivid memory I’ll never forget. After several decades, I learned how to chickened in. I don’t need to be super romantic to get a date, or pick up expensive gifts to impress a girl. I simply show up and ask. Worst case scenario, I could get a polite no.

I don’t even need to speak any charming words. There’s even an iPhone app for that. Seriously, I don’t like playing a robot. All I want is to chickened in and follow the flow. I learned that it’s the lovely thought she could remember and appreciate.

So, what’s your experience or advice for the big boy?

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