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Angry Birds – How Angry I Am

Angry BirdsNo, I’m not talking about this Angry birds, which has over 500 million downloads across all platforms. I’m not even play it on any platforms. In fact, I never downloaded such a game for myself and blocked every games I noticed in Facebook. It’s a waste of time and counter productive even in lunch break.

On the other hand, I do play games like Chess, Bridge, and Sudoku.They emphasize strategies over mechanical motions. They are not addictive and often lead to intelligent networking opportunities. On top of that, they offer me a room for brain exercise.

Today, I’m really mad about another bird – an annoying bird flying over web pages. I was doing research about customer services and began to read an article referred by a friend. Yet, after finishing the first paragraph, I noted a blue bird was following my movement – I scrolled down the page, it glided down; I scrolled up, it soared to the top.

What the hell was happening? Angry Bird - BlueI understand that it’s a setup to promote the article over Twitter. Nevertheless, it’s a total distraction. The nag becomes insane in a few seconds. I could not read and started to pound my keyboard.

This is not a proper way for marketing a blog post. It only makes reader angry – angry over the moving bird. An applicable way for recommending an article is to supply fresh content and install share buttons, which are static and would not sidetrack or agitate readers.

The lesson: don’t be shortsighted, don’t pet cute object, and don’t Angry Bird readers. Instead, review blog as a critic to see if it would give value to patron and lead to a long-term readership.

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