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Top 10 Tricks for Getting Better Sleep

After holidays, I often work in late night, check voice mail messages, answer emails, and etc. I need a decent sleep to work the second day. The list furnishes a starting point for me to get a better sleep. Yet, I found that each suggestion alone does not help, since it only deals with isolated or simplified situation. For example,
Count back 7.5 hours from when you need to wake up, and make sure you get to bed at that time—then adjust accordingly. Of course, you could also try a webapp like Sleepyti.me to help you calculate the perfect number of hours, too.
I just could not count. I need to sort through my (voice + electronic) mails before it becomes a mountain I could not climb.
A better way for me is to mix them effectively. My first step is to change my nightly routine
… take some time to cultivate the perfect evening routine—some light reading, a nice bubble bath, and something that doesn’t involve a backlit screen—to fall asleep quickly and keep your energy up the next day.

For something we spend half our life doing, a lot of us are pretty awful at sleeping. Here are our top 10 tips for falling asleep faster, getting quality rest, and waking up easier in the morning.
Via lifehacker.com

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  1. January 15, 2012 at 2:51 am

    I needed this right now….can’t sleep….

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